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Who is Red Eye Den?

In a small room in small town in a small country on a small continent on a small planet in a small solar system in a small galaxy in a small cluster in a small universe sits a desk. On that desk sits a computer waiting, patiently, as only a machine can.

Waiting for input...

A couple of times a week a few people enter the RedEyeDen, and one of them, seemingly by random selection, turns the toy on. The lights are dim, the atmosphere charged. Creativity reigns. The group has been writing music for many years, both collaboratively and independently. Toy, the computer, has been around for a lot less time.

Now Toy, by nature, is very nonjudgmental and will accept anything we care to feed it. It matters not the rhythm, the instrumentation nor even the lyrical content. Toy absorbs it all with only the occasional glitch, which is more than can be said for the boys.

Thousands of hours and hundreds of "OK, pick a key." later, and with the RedEyeDen earning it's name, the kids convinced Toy to regurgitate all that had been fed it and Terminal Velocity II was born. They were trying to find Terminal Velocity I, when they found Carnivore instead.

Strangely enough, the boys still had many stories left to tell and Third Eye Scream was conceived and created, and even now latest creations enhance the sonic atmosphere in the Red Eye Den ...

Yeah baby, browse around and listen to the music!

Try A Few Tunes then Eh ...

New ManClick here to listen to the music
I'm EducatedClick here to listen to the music
Love Is Like An OceanClick here to listen to the music
CarnivoreClick here to listen to the music
RoseClick here to listen to the music
WordsClick here to listen to the music
Taking My TimeClick here to listen to the music
Where R UClick here to listen to the music
The FishermanClick here to listen to the music

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